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Monday, April 24, 2017 • 5:21 pm

Director’s First Blog of 2017

With Easter behind us and our Box Office about to open it is all hands on deck. Although moving up a gear we are a long way off feeling the pressure that no doubt will be upon Kentucky and Badminton and we wish them both the best of luck– our turn will come in September – barely 16 weeks away!   No time like the present though and with a few minutes to spare it seems like a good time to start our monthly blogs – April definitely a ‘warm-up’,  but as the months progress there will be much to report.

The team has been in overdrive for the past few weeks, creating reams of information to be sent out to literally thousands of our loyal supporters who visit us every year and purchase their tickets in advance. Some of the admin team have been working up to this moment since early in the year and there is an frisson of excitement amongst everyone in advance of the first bookings being taken, tempered I have to admit with an awareness that it does not take much for online software to ‘crash’ when really put under pressure, but hopefully all will run to plan, definitely a ying and yang moment! (Members’ Day is Thursday 27th April and the full Box Office opens on Friday 28th April).

Invitations have been forwarded to retail exhibitors and the vast majority have responded, so now the selection process commences – sadly we are attempting to fit a quart into a pint pot and there are bound to be some disappointed applicants.

Plans for the cross country are beginning to take shape and there will be a new loop incorporated into the track this year. In case any of you had a suspicion that there is a general hibernation over the winter months I can assure you that this is far from the case and Philip and Guy Herbert have been busy preparing the ground, including overseeing the installation of drainage to this new area and are now preparing the footing to ensure it matches the high standard of that of the rest of the track.  This time last year our sit on mower was still under its winter wraps, but recent weather has been conducive to rapid grass growth so cutting has commenced early.  I wish we had a crystal ball to forecast what we can expect over the coming months, but come rain or shine the show will go on.

We have some new members of the ship’s crew this year including ‘Oyster’, who comes joined at the hip with Jo, who joined us in January heading up the ‘comms team’ – he is a handsome black labrador/spaniel cross, whose cv ticks several boxes with everyone in the office.  Sadly Buster, who took everything in his stride and brought a smile to our faces on so many occasions over the years,  is no longer with us, but I am sure is nodding his approval from on high of his successor in title.