Pony Club Team Jumping

Course Designer: Mr Richard Jeffery
Judges: Mrs Judy Edwards & Mrs Sarah Whitford

This competition is by invitation only and will be run in one section for teams of three or four horses, or ponies, each to be ridden by a different rider. BSJA Rules Table ‘A7’. Speed 325 m/min and Rules for Pony Club Show Jumping. Maximum height first round 1.05m, second round 1.10m.

No team to include any member 18 years of age or over. Entries will be limited to horses/ponies in the team that have not:

  • Ever been registered with BS at Grade A or B (horses) or presently registered JA (ponies)
  • Ever been registered with BE at Advanced level
  • Ever been shortlisted for a British Eventing or British Show Jumping team with the current rider.

In addition a maximum of up to two team members only can be entered if the horse/pony they are riding in this competition has competed at Open level at the Pony Club Event or Show Jumping Championships in the current or previous year.

Each team will jump the course once and the winning team will be that which has the least number of faults, adding together the faults of the three best horses in each team. In the event of equality of faults there will be a jump-off, in which the whole team will take part; and should this produce equality of faults, the team with the shortest aggregate time for the three riders with the least number of faults will be in the winner. Eliminated competitors will take the worst score for the round in which they were eliminated, plus 20 faults.

In the jump-off only, all the number one team members jump first, followed by all the number two’s and so on, until all four members of each team have completed.

2018 Results :

1stSouth Nottinghamshire Pony Club
2ndWarwickshire Hunt Pony Club
3rdBurghley Pony Club
4thEast Hertfordshire Pony Club
5thFitzwilliam Hunt Pony Club
6thNorth Norfolk Harriers Pony Club
7thWoodland Pytchley Hunt Pony Club
8thWaveney Harriers Pony Club

2018 Tack and Turnout Results :

WinnerPytchley Hunt Pony Club
ReserveEaston Harriers Hunt Pony Club