Director's Blog

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 • 9:39 am

Director’s first Blog of 2016

The passing of Badminton heralds a wake- up call for Land Rover Burghley.  I always take comfort from a false security in thinking we need not ‘get going’ until after the Gloucestershire event – but counting the weeks between us we only have 16 to go and we cannot maintain the illusion that there are 6 months between us!

What a fabulous Event it was; glorious weather, happy shoppers and a breathtaking display of horsemanship from Michael Jung throughout the entire competition, taking not only the first prize overall, but also winning the elusive Rolex Grandslam, a feat only ever achieved once before by Pippa Funnell in the entire history of this very special competition.  Pippa was sadly side lined over the Event and not able to defend her title, which she had held since 2003, but I am sure will be magnanimous in joining us all in congratulating Michael and ‘Sam’.

True Brits cannot converse for too long without mentioning the weather; in this instance I feel justified.  Spring has not treated many of us kindly, but the vagaries of our climate never cease to amaze and the short ‘heatwave’ enjoyed over Badminton has been replaced (in Stamford at least) by a cold drizzly spell.  The forecast is not good and I can only feel sorry for Royal Windsor this week.  Whilst our event seems a while away I am already crossing my fingers that luck will be on our side and we will be blessed with our usual ‘sunny Land Rover Burghley’, which makes such a difference to everyone.

The tribe in the office have moved up a gear and there is subtle re-focussing of work requirements!  That said today it is Georgia’s 25th Birthday – shortly to be fully fledged I jokingly told her yesterday to enjoy the last day of her ‘youth’.  She has obviously not listened as first thing this morning she popped her head around my door wearing a crown on her head and no doubt it will be cake and more cake today.

In between frivolities work goes on; trade exhibitors are responding to their invitations, letters to numerous officials are being prepared, arrangements for the Pony Club team jumping have been concluded and our marketing campaign is well under way.

The sad news is that Jemima our duck seems to have deserted us – we can only hope she has found somewhere more suitable to rear her ducklings and at least it will take the pressure off Carmel in our accounts department from the immense responsibility (in her eyes) of protecting them from intruders during the day as it was under her office window she chose to nest last year!