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  • Prices are per person and apply to all visitors occupying a seat.
  • Grandstand tickets do not admit to the Event - the appropriate admission tickets are required to gain entry.
  • Please click here for Terms and Conditions.

Dressage: Thursday 4 September

Covered Blocks F/G @ £22.00 (including headset)
Covered Blocks F/G @ £12.50 (without headset)

Dressage: Friday 5 September

Covered Blocks F/G @ £22.00 (including headset)  SOLD OUT
Covered Blocks F/G @ £12.50 (without headset) BLOCK F SOLD OUT

Cross Country: Saturday 6 September

Covered Blocks F/G @ £9.50 (including headset)
Covered Blocks G @ £6.50 (without headset)

Show Jumping: Sunday 7 September

Blocks H @ £35.00 (covered) SOLD OUT
Blocks F/G @ £26.00 (covered - including headset) SOLD OUT
Blocks D @ £27.00 (covered) SOLD OUT
Blocks C/E @ £20.00 (covered) SOLD OUT
Blocks F/G @ £18.00 (covered - excluding headset) SOLD OUT
Blocks H @ £11.00 (uncovered) SOLD OUT
Blocks A/B @ £10.50 (uncovered) SOLD OUT

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Telephone orders and inquiries: +44 (0)1933 304744 

Please Note:

  • We recommend that grandstand tickets are purchased in advance as they sell out quickly, particularly for the Show Jumping on Sunday.
  • For Health and Safety reasons, children aged four years and over are required to have their own ticket.
  • Grandstand tickets do not admit to the Event. All visitors, aged 13 years and over require the appropriate daily admission tickets.
  • Event admission gains free entry to the West stand every day and South stand on Saturday, subject to space available. Members'/guest badges gain free entry to the North stand on Thursday and Friday.
  • There are four stands: North (covered), South (uncovered and covered), East (covered) and West (uncovered). Each stand provides different facilities and viewing advantages - please see the grandstand plans below.
  • Dogs in Stands: Wednesday - Sunday assistance dogs permitted on the grass in the front of all stands. Wednesday - Saturday non-assistance dogs permitted on the grass in the front of the west stand only, i.e., assistance dogs only on Sunday.
  • Please state your first seat choice when ordering; if unavailable the next best will be sent.
  • Subject to availability, grandstand tickets may be on sale from the Box Office at the Event.
  • Headset Seats: A specialised commentary will be given for each test. All-day tickets can be purchased, in advance. Morning and afternoon sessions in Block G for Thursday and Friday are subject to availability and may only can be purchased at the Event.

Grandstand Layout

Dressage Grandstand Plan