Land Rover at Burghley

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Land Rover in front of Burghley House

Land Rover has a long standing history with Burghley. Beginning in the early 1990s, the initial sponsorship took the form of 'Official Vehicle Supplier'. A selection of vehicles were supplied for the media day and a mixed fleet of 25 vehicles were provided for official duties during the event itself, especially for the medical teams who need dependable access to all areas. In 1997 - when Burghley hosted the European Championships - 13 Land Rovers were supplied for media day and 41 for the duration of the Event itself.

Land Rovers have become an integral part of Burghley and in 2005 Land Rover became title sponsor. The event took its present form, now known as ‘The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials’. Land Rover has added attractions such as a vehicle display in the heart of the showground, provision of vehicles for cross country fence judges, feature fences on the course, an off-road demonstration area and a hospitality pavilion at the centre of activities.