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2013 Show Jumping Fence diagram

Show Jumping Fence diagram 2011

Max Height: 1.30m
Max Oxer Spread: 1.45m
Max Triple Bar Spread: 1.65m
Speed: 375 metres/min
Distance: 579 metres
Time Allowed: 91 seconds
Time Limit: 182 seconds

The third phase of the competition is designed as a test to ensure the horses have not been over taxed from the previous days exertions across country. A reasonably small (by comparison with pure show jumping), but technical show jumping course, is built to test obedience, suppleness, accuracy and jumping ability. Competitors jump in reverse order, creating a very tense atmosphere as the leading competitors enter the arena intent on at least maintaining their place in the final order. Often, very few penalties separate the good riders and knocking one pole off can drop them several places in the prize list.

Show Jumping Penalities
One time fault for every second or part of a second in excess of the time allowed.
Knocking down an obstacle 4 penalties
First run-out, refusal or unauthorised circle in the whole test 4 penalties
Second run-out, refusal or unauthorised circle in the whole test Elimination
First fall of horse Elimination
First fall of competitor Elimination
Jumping an obstacle in the wrong order Elimination
Error of course not rectified Elimination

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