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Great BritainSir Mark Todd

Country: New Zealand

Age: 57

The UK based equestrian legend Sir Mark Todd who received his Knighthood earlier this year is now based near Swindon.

In London 2012 – his seventh Olympic Games – he was a member of the New Zealand Olympic team that won team bronze.  

One of New Zealand’s most celebrated sports men and voted rider of the 20th century by the FEI, he ‘retired’ in 2000 after winning bronze at the Sydney Olympics. He then made a return to the sport in 2008 aged 52 and three-years later won his fourth Badminton title – the oldest rider ever to win – on his 20th completion.

‘Toddy’ first competed internationally as a member of the first ever NZ team that contested the World Championships at Lexington in 1978. Soon after he moved to England and won his first Badminton with Southern Comfort. He is particularly remembered for his partnership with the diminutive Charisma with who he won two Olympic gold medals ’84 & 88. In the 1992 Olympic Games, Mark competed in show jumping as well as eventing. He has also won Burghley five times.

During retirement in New Zealand he turned to training and breeding racehorses and successes include Bramble Rose who won the 2003 New Zealand Oaks and Willy Smith the winner of the Wellington Cup in 2007.

After his return to eventing he was selected for the 2008 Olympic Games and in 2010 with Grass Valley was a member of the NZ bronze medal team at the WEG in Lexington. 

Mark trains with British dressage Olympic gold medallist Charlotte Dujardin

In 1986 Mark married competitor Carolyn Berry (separated) and the couple have two children Lauren (24) and James (20). Outside of horses Mark enjoys horse racing, skiing (water and snow) and boating.

Ravenstar, owned by Team Rutledge Recruitment and Training  is a 12-year-old Irish-bred thoroughbred by the winning racehorse Fourstars Allstar out of mare by Mandalus the sire of many event horses including; Ensign, Sum Insured, Harbinger and Another Garrison. Until last year Ravenstar was ridden by Irish international Jayne Doherty, since a six year old novice.

Oloa is a 12-year-old owned by Di Brunsden, Peter Cattrell, Pip McCarroll and rider was formerly ridden by William Fox-Pitt with who he won the 2* at Weston Park and was acquired by Todd from rider Emma Humphrey at the end of last season.


  • 2013 – Gatcombe CIC3* 13th Ravenstar
  • 2013 – Barbury Castle CIC3* 11th Oloa, 24th Ravenstar
  • 2013 – Bramham CCI3* 2nd Leonidas
  • 2013 – Badminton CCI4* 48th Major Milestone
  • 2012 – Pau CCI4* EL Major Milestone
  • 2012 – Blenheim CIC3* 20th Leonidas
  • 2012 – Burghley CCI4* 12th Major Milestone
  • 2012 – London Olympic Games 12th NZB Campino (team bronze)
  • 2012 – Saumur CCI3* 7th Grass Valley
  • 2011 – Boekelo CCI*** 3rd NZB Campino
  • 2011 – Burghley CCI**** 14th Major Milestone
  • 2011 – Barbury Castle CIC*** 37th Major Milestone
  • 2011 – Lexington CCI**** W/D after XC Grass Valley
  • 2011 – Badminton CCI4* 1st NZB Land Vision, 35th Major Milestone
  • 2010 – Boekelo CCI*** 2nd Landvision
  • 2010 – WEG Lexington 11th Grass Valley
  • 2010 – Burghley CCI**** 11th Major Milestone
  • 2010 – Blenheim CIC***8/9 1st Landvision
  • 2010 – Badminton CCI4* 18th NZB Grass Valley
  • 2009 – Boekelo CCI*** 21st NZB Grass Valley
  • 2009 – Blair Castle CCI*** 8th NZB Grass Valley
  • 2008 – Olympic Games 17th NZB Gandalph
  • 2008 – Puhinui CCI*** 1st Gandalph
  • 2000 – Olympic Games 3rd (Ind) Eye Spy II; 11th (team) Diamond Hall Red
  • 2000 – Burghley CCI**** 8th Just A Mission
  • 2000 – Lexington CCI**** 8th Just a Mission
  • 1999 – Burghley CCI**** 1st Diamond Hall Red
  • 1999 – Gatcombe 1st Word for Word
  • 1999 – Punchestown CCI*** 1st Regal Scot
  • 1998 – New Zealand sportsman of the year
  • 1997 – Burghley CCI**** 1st Broadcast News
  • 1996 – Badminton CCI4* 1st Bertie Blunt
  • 1994 – Badminton CCI4* 1st Horton Point; a last minute ride and No. 1 in the draw
  • 1991 – Burghley CCI**** 1st Welton Greylag
  • 1990 – WEG team gold Bahlua
  • 1990 – Burghley 1st Face the Music
  • 1989 – Badminton CCI4* 3rd The Irishman
  • 1988 – Olympic Games Seoul, gold medal Charisma
  • 1987 – Burghley CCI**** 1st Wilton Fair; 2nd Charisma
  • 1985 – Badminton CCI4* 2nd Charisma
  • 1984 – Olympic Games, Los Angeles, gold medal Charisma
  • 1984 – Badminton CCI4* 2nd Charisma
  • 1980 – Badminton CCI4* 1st Southern Comfort on his first visit

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